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In this interactive picture book for young readers, Captain Dare invites children on a treasure hunt they won't ever forget. Captain Dare and his crew of pirates are searching for a very special treasure, which is hidden deep in a dangerous jungle. But reaching this treasure won't be easy. Readers have to wade through a lagoon and sneak across a snake pit in order to find the pirate's chest.

As children repeat Captain Dare's catchy phrases and orders, they are taken on an exciting adventure through the world of pirates. Decorated with Adrian Tans's unique and beautiful illustrations, the jungle comes to life, and children discover that the treasure waiting at the end of their journey is neither gold nor jewels. It's a chest full of books, the greatest treasure for any pirate. Perfect for libraries and family collections, Pirate Treasure Hunt! is an adventure that satisfies the scallywag in everyone!

Whoa! Please have a look at some of the sample illustrations in the illustration gallery. Also, you can see more and order your own copy at,

Thanks everyone who supported my last book and I hope you enjoy this one!

I'm still working away on it, but it looks good enough to go have a look right now! I am keeping my illustration gallery on this site up until traffic has been reliably detoured over to

(posted on 21 Aug 2008)

You can see a cowboy riding into view. Kick the Cowboy by Joe Gribnau is in the works right now. The text is dynamite and I've been working on the illustrations and having a lot of fun doing it. Should be out next fall... Yee Haaaw!

This show, Stirrings, is on view at the Copley Society of Art, 158 Newbury st, until March 1st. or see it online at

(posted on 7 Aug 2007)

*Witches' Night Before Halloween, written by Lesley Pratt Bannatyne and illustrated by Adrian, was released by Pelican Publishing for Halloween of '07. (Halloween is Adrian's favorite holiday.)

It's the night before Halloween, and these witches still have many last minute things to do! The witches are up to their elbows in cobwebs and slime, trying to make sure their witchlings are well prepared for their first Halloween broomstick ride. Featuring witches like Mad Maud and Snaggle Tooth Ruth and plenty of ghouls, zombies, monsters, skeletons and moldy cellars that will satisfy all Halloween lovers, this good natured book about these wickedly fun witches will have kids more amused than

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